The subcontractor world of Bologna is a complex world, combining made of brain power and ability to put ideas into practice, and represents one of the most important examples in manufacturing.

We are proud to state that Bologna’s mechanical district is one of the worldwide success models of made in Italy, particularly in Emilia-Romagna. Infact it has been the object of study in some of the main international business schools.

Our strength derives from our ability to join forces, to put thousands small of companies in touch with each other in different ways, sometimes in competition, sometimes working together.

Market globalisation is constantly demanding new business models, and we continue to respond with innovative solutions, benefiting from new collaborations and as a result we continue to increase our market share.
Unindustria Bologna is the association of thousands of these small companies.

I’m very proud, as President of the Mechanical Sector to announce the creation of I.S. BOLOGNA (Integrated Subcontractor Bologna).

I.S. BOLOGNA is the first union of 13 small companies, which produce all kinds of mechanical components no matter what the shape or size.

Starting today, these companies will be one alliance, created with the help of Unindustria Bologna, to offer a complete service:

Zero defects
Zero delays
Product Quality Guarantee
Special payment and invoicing conditions

Unindustria Bologna is helping these companies that decide to work together to promote their products.
I would like to thank all the people who have put their trust in this project.